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For Schools

Position in wilderness locations, school programs use adventure activities to create a new and appealing environment for students and educators where they can explore new attitudes, ideas and learn by doing. Aspen Adventures School programs are carefully chosen in offbeat destination that has the essence of conservation around them, where these programs make a positive impact on the environment and people.

All our school outdoor learning programs are usually faster and easily understandable. There are many adventure activities like building your own raft, ropes course, rock climbing and rappelling, interaction with orphanage always offer new opportunities for achievement and learning.

All these activities allow students to try new attitudes and to stretch their limits to meet these challenges, mentally as well as physically. As mental barriers dissolve, participants become more open to new ideas and enjoy using their learning in hands-on activities. Unforgettable success experiences make the learning more immediate and practical for students and teachers alike.

Our School Programs

Every Child Matter’s initiative programs
The programs are designed and focused on all four areas of the ‘Every Child Matters’ outcomes. This is aimed to help children achieve their goals in life.

With us students can:

  • Be fit: Aspen special programs get children into the outdoors, learning about healthy lifestyles and active minds.
  • Stay Safe: Students can learn how to safely take risks for themselves in any environment.
  • Enjoy and Achieve: Students can learn while having fun. With appealing and inspiring challenges they will learn more about themselves and their classmates.
  • Positive Contribution: Students learn to work as a team, demonstrating support, tolerance and encouragement for others, time away from home encourages confidence and independence, key life skills development includes decision making, leadership, initiative and problem solving.

Leadership and interpersonal development programs

The program is designed to create confident leaders by combining traditional academic learning with soft adventure, experiential learning and community service.

Aspen Adventures is continuously working and developing such programs for the students and are fully involved with & supports these key initiatives. Our 04 years of experience has enabled our programs to evolve into some of the leading outdoor education programs in India. Our blend of experiential education and adventure is about learning outside the classroom. With Aspen Adventure you will be meeting all relevant needs of your programs as we provide hands-on appropriate information for students, often some of their most memorable. We provide real, exciting, safe and enjoyable programs that benefit all young students.

Upon completion of the program, students will be awarded a ‘Certificate of Leadership’.

Cultural and heritage tours

India is the most colorful country in the world exhibiting, rich culture, heritage and splendor and royalty in every walk of life. From learning the secrets of the Mugals who built the Taj to discovering the ‘lost’ civilizations of tribe of Southern India, cultural holidays a great way of getting under the skin of a country, learning about the past that shaped it and the many traditions and beliefs that still exist today. Explore architecture, temples, shrines, palaces and archaeological sites, haggle for bargains in local markets and meet indigenous tribes’ people and sample their traditions. In short, just soak up the atmosphere of somewhere completely different to home. We have a variety of holiday gems that will take you to see some of the most phenomenal wonders in India and meet a variety of incredible people. From visiting the Buddhist temples that line the golden beaches of Goa, to watching the stars when you stay with locals in the desert. Special school cultural and heritage programs are ready to roll at Aspen.

Teachers Outdoor Education programs

Aspen Adventures has planned a special Teacher Outdoor Education Programs keeping the idea in mind that experiential learning can be better than in the classroom sessions. The outdoors provides both the content to be learned and the place to learn it. Activities are coupled and engage educators in authentic learning experiences.
Why Aspen has introduced an Outdoor Education Program for educators?
There are five major objectives for the same:
  • To make the program more meaningful by applying the knowledge and skills acquired in the classroom to real-life situations outside of the classroom.
  • To provide experience in using scientific processes such as observing, theorizing, calculating, and classifying.
  • To cultivate responsiveness, facts, admiration, and concern for the natural environment and its systems, including the effect of educator's actions upon it.
  • To help educators to develop learning in students to enhance and maintain good human relations---among themselves and with their teachers.
  • To help educators to develop positive attitudes about learning through varied experiences in the natural environment.

Summer holiday camps

All our summer programs are weeklong outdoors education based, for 10-17year old children. Summer programs stands on soft adventure, culture, art and community to create influential learning experiences. The idea of introducing such programs is to discover the leader in me, to develop a manner of bonding, Leader interacting with each other in a fun and safe environment to find out more about themselves and the world.

We are skilled and experienced at creating and running school trips. We have a wide range of programs and destinations that meet your specific subject development, intrapersonal development, your curriculum needs. We believe in the concept of growing a person from inside, not with the conventional teaching method of transferring of capability into a person from outside. Simply tell us which trip you’re interested in and any destinations or activities you require and we’ll create an itinerary with quote for you.

Aspen Adventures knowledge and insight into the adventure and culture of India combined with Travel bound’s experience in curriculum based tours – make us an unbeatable combination in school touring.

Why book a school trip with us
  • One educator goes free for every 15 students
  • All-inclusive itinerary planning by our travel experts.
  • One point of contact for all school trips.
  • Detailed Trip Notes relevant to each itinerary.
  • All trips are accompanied by a dedicated & skilled Group Leader.
  • All trips are subject to internal risk assessments by our Health and Safety Team.
  • All trips are operated in a responsible and environmentally friendly manner.
  • Follow the international safety code of conduct during our tour operations

While designing school programs we primarily focus on life skills as self-awareness, interpersonal effectiveness and confidence. Our fun-with-learning based programs brought educators and students together in outbound locations to explore and learn leadership techniques, wilderness and adventure topics in a fun and applied way.

If you require something extra, please call or write to us and we will be more than happy to put something together to meet your needs. There will be one point of contact throughout therefore you will enjoy the consistency and a swift service.