The Hridayesh Resort – Adventure and Hospitality in the wild

Aspen adventures have been arranging trips since 2009 and have been well known in the field of hospitality and adventure operators. They are known to be arranging most of the well organized trips with halts and night stays in luxurious resorts and hotels. Their team of experts and professionals are experienced enough to presume all the hurdles that might come in the way and take steps accordingly. Some of such places to stay and enjoy the leisure are the Jim Corbett resorts (Hridayesh resort) of Aspen adventures.

The Hridayesh

The Jim corbett resorts of Aspen adventures have around 58 villas in total spread over 8.25 acres of area with eye soothing greenery. Since Corbett is one of the richest bird region in India therefore the total ambiance of the place is very romantic and helps to make to stress free.  Each villa has access to Private Balconies and Garden Spaces and houses more than 425 species of flora and fauna, providing you with a feeling of being a part of the nature. There are different types of villas in this Hridayesh resort like:-

  1. Deluxe villa- There are about 17 villas placed in such a way that they overlook the amphitheatre. Approximate dimension of each villa is 400 square feet and they are place among mango grooves. This lends the villas a magnificent view.
  1. Executive villa – There are about 6 executive villas with approximate dimension of 500 square feet. These villas are located in secluded hideaways and have the concept of open shower. The executive villas are ideal for intimate honeymoons.
  1. Premier villa – There are 7 premier villas with approximate dimension of 1000 square feet. These villas are independent with private gardens and spacious interiors. These villas have sit out areas adjacent to the Kosi river around the resort. If you are visiting the Jim Corbett resort with a huge group of friends then the premier villa is ideal for your stay as they can accommodate large number of people.
  1. Luxury villa with garden and balcony – There are 27 Luxury villas with garden and balcony that has an approximate dimension of 1000 square feet. Private Garden Spaces & Balconies make these villas a unanimous choice for extended family outings, corporate offsite and leisure getaways.
  1. The royal suite – There is 1 royal suite with 1400 square feet area. They have two bedrooms and they are the ultimate abode of royalty and comfort.

Facilities available in these Jim Corbett resorts

  • swimming Pool
  • Snooker and Pool Tables
  • Team-building & Fun Games like Spider’s Web, Save the World etc.
  • Outdoor games like Cricket, Badminton, Basketball and Volleyball etc.
  • Indoor games like Carom, Chess and Playing Cards etc.
  • Onsite Campfire fire & Bar Arrangements