Rafting in Rishikesh – A Detailed Guide on what you should know !!

The vicious rapids on the river Ganges, between Kaudiyala to Rishikesh, has made rafting in Rishikesh, one of the most favored adventure activity for a weekend getaway around Delhi.

Situated in the foothills of Himalayas, surrounded by the thick natural forests and green vegetation, the uneven settings of the riverbed and the free flowing rapids, makes it an ideal arrangement for river rafting in Rishikesh.

It’s not just domestic travellers who are the admirers of Rishikesh rafting, but there’s a lot of attention pulled to this thrilling adventure from the rest of the world as well. Be it families, corporates or schools, camping in Rishikesh and rafting has been one of the most preferred itineraries for people all around the globe.

The Season:

Rafting in Rishikesh is most preferred in the summer season from Mid-Feb to June and from October to December during the winters. The summer time attracts a lot of adventure enthusiasts from around the country, to experience this adrenaline gushing experience.

How to Reach:

By Road
Rishikesh is well connected with several cities and major tourist destinations of the Northern part of the country. Be it Delhi (229 Kms), Haridwar (25 Kms), Dehradun (55 Kms) or Mussoorie (72 Kms), one can prefer a self drive option or avail the bus/taxi to make it to the adventure capital.

By Train
The nearest railway station that connects to Rishikesh is Haridwar. The pilgrimage city of Haridwar is very well connected through the railway network, and has plenty of train options in all classes from major cities around India.

By Air
Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun is the nearest airport to Rishikesh. Being a domestic airport, it’s well connected from all major towns, to make adventurers experience rafting in Rishikesh.

rafting in Rishikesh

The Rafting Stretches:

There are primarily 3 stretches on the Ganges that captures the consideration of adventure lovers.

Bharampuri to Laxmanjhulla
A joyous river experience of about 12 kilometers, takes about 2 hours including the safety briefing and equipping you with life jackets, helmets and other safety gear. During this excursion, one negotiates with some mild to average rapids like Initiation, Double Trouble etc. This stretch is also ideal for body surfing and the most thrilling cliff jump experience.

Shivpuri to Laxmanjhulla
The excursion from Shivpuri to Laxmanjhulla covers about 16 kilometers by the river. This is the most exuberating river rafting experience, covering rapids of Grade II and III. It takes about 3 hours on the river and one can negotiate the most favored rapids like Return to Sender, Golf Course, Club House etc.

Marine Drive to Laxmanjhulla
The longest stretch of the river covers about 34 Kms. This is basically a half-day rafting excursion and covers rapids like Three Blind Mice, Roller Coaster etc. So, if you are the one, who hunts for extreme adventure, well this is the stretch to go for!!


Safety Measures during Rafting

Before planning a rafting excursion, one needs to be ensuring some basic fitness level to make sure that it’s an adventurous yet safe experience.

  • Do ensure that a basic health check up is done and one has good/excellent physical fitness.
  • People suffering from any kind of back ailments, high blood pressure and breathing problems should avoid participation in this adventure.
  • Non-Swimmers should preferably opt for the shorter stretches on the river and should strictly adhere to the safety guidelines of the river guide.
  • Strictly avoid consumption of alcohol or any other intoxicants at least 3 hours prior to rafting
  • Wearing of life jackets, Helmets, and other safety equipment is extremely essential before one enters the river.
  • Lastly, but utmost important is to carefully listen and obey the instructions of the river guide while rafting in Rishikesh.

Awarded by the prestigious – Limca book of Records, Aspen Camp Rishikesh, receives, the prestigious Limca Book of Records 2014 under the category of “Largest Rafting Contingent”. 612 people rafted at one shot in the Ganges with a flawless safety record.