Camping along the Lake on to the Mountain Top

Nurturing life through the beautiful glimpse of heavenly look on earth, Aspen Adventures brings close to you the adventure being at an elevation of about 5000 feet with the chilling airy weather at the top of such an elevation will gaze into your soul gushing out the horrible horns out and making you realize your each and every breath you will take with the air inhaling into your lungs with the circulating energy it will create.

Camping sites from the Aspen adventure is sited across the route to Jim Corbett National Museum travelling through the kaladungi Nainital road which glitters your eyes with the reflection from the water droplets falling down the pine trees and falling down to the valley at the lap of Himalayas signifying the majestic relationship between earth and sky. Aspen adventures arranges the camping platform keeping in mind every need that you could utter for with the eco friendly manner and replenish your soul into the beauty overviewing around every corner and the length you can see.

The blur morning will get clear with the dropping fog atmosphere all around converting into soothing sunshine which will let you move out of the camps and start the adventure activity in the mountain. Para gliding, Rock climbing and Rappelling is for adventure seeker and fun loving champions as well as heart listeners.

Aspen Adventures arranges in house rope course also for those who are not so much risk takers and understands precious value of life and avoid life risking adventures. Water fall treks are easy and loved by all.

Jungle Safari to the kaladungi specialized with rejuvenating skills let the adventure trip full of exciting packaged wrapped up with fun and thrills. The evenings are made refreshing with bon fires and soft music arrangements which is so common in mountain tops but is added with surprising element and in the area with no civilization those are much thrilling in experience.

The wild including natural sight seeing with adventure activities are clubbed together in the Aspen adventure package to the camps in Nainital. The package offer various inclusion like the comfortable accommodation en suite accessory facilities providing all day meals in the package itself. The whole tour will be guided by the expert guide of the area hired on the experience basis.

The activities of adventure sports are not included in the package as not everyone would love to take active participation thus to facilitate our every guest in accord, we offer the activities out of the package and this makes it cool for the non risk takers.

Aspen Adventures is a center of fun with adventure activities arranging around the north Indian and Uttrakhand replenished with bottle of mineral waters with tea & coffee refreshments supplied with electrical equipment necessary and personalized kit with heating bags electrical in nature. Thus Aspen Adventures is an exciting platform for adventure trips to look forward to in association with vacation plannings to execute.