Rishikesh Camps

Experience the serene beauty of nature with Camping in Rishikesh

Rishikesh is the ultimate tourist destination for those who seek peace and adventure both on the same time. The Camping in Rishikesh in Rishikesh is not new but in recent years the number of visitors coming to Rishikesh for camping has increased at a remarkable level. Uttarakhand tourism is promoting Camping in Rishikesh from quite a long time now. Every year thousands of national as well as international tourists visit Rishikesh for river rafting as well as for Camping. As a matter of fact Camping in Rishikesh provides the visitors divine feeling of experiencing natural beauty and lovely surroundings. The safety and security of the tourists is kept in mind and is given prime importance by the organizers. As we all know that camping is a recreational activity and there is no age bar for doing camping.


Anybody who wishes to embark for Camping in Rishikesh can register and come for experiencing the serene beauty of nature. As we are not known to the beauty and rigorous flow of river Ganga so camping beside it will be a life time opportunity for everyone. It would not be wrong to say that there are only few rivers across the globe that can match up to the glory of holy river Ganga. Rafting on its rigorous and never ending flow is an unforgettable moment. It is being very popular for Camping in Rishikesh that who so ever comes for camping or river rafting to Rishikesh gets addicted to its beauty and tranquility. Many of the tourists have shared their enthralling experience of Camping in Rishikesh. Camping in the foothills of Rishikesh will surely be a never forgettable moment for you of lifetime. These days there are ample of camp provider with all the facilities and sanitation arrangements.  Aspen Adventures is one of such examples. They provide world class facilities to the tourists so that they can visit Rishikesh by time and again for having such wonderful experiences. Rishikesh provides a kaleidoscopic location and it is world famous for its holiness, copious and calm ambience. Aspen adventures are the stand alone name for utter professionalism and hospitality. Though there is a hub of camping organizers in Rishikesh but there is not one as reliable as Aspen adventures. It is one of the most reputed as well as acclaimed adventure organizers in the city. It won’t be wrong to say that they are happily serving the tourists since 2009 and never failed in their services.

Just because of their hard work and loyalty they have achieved so much name and fame. Aspen Adventures have also been venerated many times for their organization of Camping in Rishikesh. The main focus of an organization like aspen adventures is to promote more and more tourism by keeping good care of the patrons so that they keep coming back to our country. The camps are organized in the safest destinations. The team at aspen adventures is maintained by experienced individuals who have priory served the armed forces. Hence this gives evidence about the discipline in the work culture. They are famous for their camping and river rafting programme every year.

They are well-suited with 26 luxurious Swiss camps which ensure the comfort of the tourists. The camps are located near the river side as well as in the forest areas. The camps are not just provided with comfort aspects but also they provide other necessities like bedding, comfortable mattresses, 24*7 electricity and several other utility kits. There is a proper running water service provided at Aspen Adventures. The camp sites are well- suited by chefs and cooks for pampering the taste buds of the tourists. The food and the deserts undoubtedly prove to be the gastronomic treat for everyone camping at the aspen adventures.

On the whole this can be said that Camping in Rishikesh will be the best experience of your lifetime. The best option to choose however would be Aspen adventure as it is a team of well-trained and experienced individuals for are dedicated towards their work. Aspen Adventures is quite famous for organizing Camping in Rishikesh and is serving the tourist since 2009. The comfort and hospitality of the guests is the prime focus at Aspen Adventures.